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Original Pixel Artwork


The Process

My Pixel art series is the most popular series I have released on BlueCurlsDesigns. I started following tutorials in my free time and began creating pixel art using Adobe Illustrator and learning tools such as live paint, grids, perspective, colour swatches and exporting from grids. This series has blown up as each piece of artwork has ranged from a few hundred interactions to a few thousand, with the most interacted work being Raihan from Pokémon, having over 11,500 likes, 63,293 reaches and 12,684 engaged accounts. Nickelodeon contacted me to have my Blue's Clues pixel artwork featured in the background of the "You Can't Spell Blue without YOU!" music video. I enjoy working on pixel art since it gives me the freedom to be creative and branch out into a style that is retro but has become popular among the design and art community in recent years.

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