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Cielo Expeditions Logo Development
and Marketing

Rebranding development for Celio Expeditions was a four-month client project where I collaborated with Public Relations, Broadcasting and Journalism students. My job as the information designer was to recreate the logo, print materials, personas, brand and create a new style guide outlining how to use the redevelopment. 


Product Design

I conducted several client meetings and extensively researched what was trending in 2019 and my client's current competitors. I found that simplistic logos were on-trend at the time and incorporated that into my sketching process. The elephant was my first choice since it was the client's favourite animal. I went with an outlined logo instead of a filled one because I found it easier to print on any type of promotional material. The elephant's heart was to display the message of his company's passion for safaris and the love of animals. I went with a monotone colour pallet with three logo variations: white, black and red. This ensured the logo could be printed on any type of background without being too flashy.

Style guidelines

Since the client did not have any brand or style guides on hand, I decided that it would be necessary to provide one to ensure that future logo, colour and font used were consistently. I created a straightforward style guide that showed the client how to use his new logo and what colours and fonts to use for printing and digital platforms. During this process, I also collaborated with the public relations team to create personas of different age groups, wealth, occupations and shopping habits to decipher the primary audience, which ended up being established middle age to older adults.

Brand Guide.jpg

Draft #1


Persona Development

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