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Forward Summit
Empowering Indigenous Economies

Forward Summit aims to unite like-minded individuals and promote the empowerment of indigenous economies through in-depth panel discussions, networking and learning from experienced

Indigenous Chiefs, Elders and thought leaders.


Digital Marketing

From August 2021, I was in charge of creating, maintaining and promoting social media content on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. I focused on creating an online environment where the main marketing tool was creating hype among our audiences. This was done by producing posts based on speakers, relevant news and statistics. My methods proved to work on all social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, as an increased follower rate was seen from 2190 to 4300 within a year. The post metrics skyrocketed to a 6% engagement rate and the website traffic increased by 60% unique visitors a few months before the event. 

Social Media Posts

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The day two Opening Remarks and Keynote include:

"When we come out of these meetings, we can build something in our commutes to make our communities better, and the only way to do that is through education."
We have been firm believers in full Indigenous participation and Economic activity as it means to better our people's outcomes."

From Chief Roy S Jones Jr, Chief of Skidegate Haida Gwaii and Roy Whitney ICD.D, Chief of Tsuut'ina Nation

post 1.jpg

These inspirational women have risen through the corporate ladder and showed their dedication, hard work, and passion in the workforce, achieving many impressive accomplishments. Strong-willed Indigenous women are everywhere, and we are lucky to have these women speaking about their perspectives on the current Indigenous economic landscape.


Join this panel discussion with moderator Krystal Abotossaway, Senior Manager for TD Bank and speakers Raylene Whitford, Founder of Creative Energy. President Cassidy Caron, President of Métis National Council. Bobbie Racette, CEO of Virtual Gurus and Chief Crystal Smith, Chief of Haisla Nation, for an insightful conversation on the current state of Indigenous economics.


Forward Summit is almost here! There are less than 24 hours left to get your ticket for this year's event. What are you waiting for? Go to to secure your spot!

Email Campaigns

I assembled the blasts to have more graphic elements and added user interaction by inserting clickable buttons that would take the user to different web pages to promote the event and drive registration. My reasoning was to push registration while keeping a fresh design for each email. 

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FS Email.jpg

Web Design and Development

I took the initiative to take on the lead role of web developer and taught myself how to use WordPress and Elementor to develop a  user-friendly and on-brand compared website compared to the 2019 version that I was presented with. The website took skills in web design, visualization, information architecture and copywriting.

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Event Day

The second edition of Forward Summit premiered on May 25 & 26, 2022. The event had over 1000+ participants, 120+ speakers, 170+ Indigenous communities and over 50 exhibitors. Some notable highlights included 16 unique breakout sessions focusing on economic growth and challenges and elders and chiefs who shared their wisdom and views on the future of Indigenous economics. 


Photo Credit: Millie Reeder

Photo Credits: Millie Reeder

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