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Workforce Forward
The Next Generation of Indigenous Inclusion

Workforce Forward provides an online learning environment with nine informative workshops led by well-versed speakers and business professionals. The purpose of Workforce Forward is to enhance Indigenous Inclusion within work environments with a primary focus on the human resources sector.

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Digital Marketing

Since this event focused more on e-learning and a virtual aspect, I wanted to create posts that would reflect the content presented in the workshops. My primary method was researching the speakers and learning what they would present to the audience. I would then center my posts and copy around the speakers, and the value people would get from attending. My leading platforms included Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to advertise. There was a follower increase from 989 to 2450 within a year. And a 5% engagement rate and a 70% website traffic boost from properly utilizing Linkedin.

Social Media Posts

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Meet Dr. Patricia Makokis, one of Canada's most acclaimed and outstanding Indigenous leaders. Dr. Patricia will be giving the opening remarks next Tuesday, November 30, at Workforce Forward.

Makokis is an author, speaker and pioneer for Indigenous education, health and values. Recently, she led the development of the Indigenous Community Industry Relations (ICIR) program in the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta. She has won an astounding number of awards for her exceptional work in advancing opportunities for her people. She holds a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.), with a major in leadership, from the University of San Diego.

Mark your calendars, register now to save your spot, and check out the workshops featured at Workforce Forward on November 30th!


The opportunity for companies to incorporate Indigenous inclusion in the workforce starts by identifying the intersection between reconciliation and inclusive workplaces. Opportunity exists for organizations to proactively participate through learning and understanding how you can create a safe and culturally appropriate work environment.

Join HR professional and Reconciliation Practitioner Gillian Hynes MBA, CPHR, Director Reconciliation, Inclusion and Strategy for Rise Consulting Ltd., for this newly added workshop on Inclusion in HR. During this engaging discussion, Gillian will share her knowledge on workforce life cycle points where HR can make a difference in supporting Indigenous participation in an organization’s work environment.


Register today for this one-day virtual event and be a part of the next generation of Indigenous inclusion. Hurry now, as workshops are filling up fast!

Email Campaigns

Mimicking what I did for Forward Summit, I wanted these email blasts to display graphical elements but with a good amount of copy. I created these emails based on what I would be posting on social media that week. Having similar content in the emails that reflected social media resulted in a significant increase in registrations for both the November 2021 and June 2022 events.

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Upgrading the User Interface and User Experince

I wanted to continue incorporating the brand's bright colour scheme while also ensuring a good amount of white space on each page. The design I came up with holds principles in colour theory, information architecture, layout design, information design, UI design, UX design and typography. I sketched out wireframes before building each page to guarantee that the user would have the best experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. In addition to the front-end work, I  used Siteground for the website hosting and to fix any backend issues. One issue, in particular, was the website speed taking too long to load, resulting in a high bounce rate. I addressed this issue by reducing all image sizes on the website while keeping the image quality still of high resolution, resulting in the bounce rate going from 80% to 42%.

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