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Patrick Nagel.jpg

Minimal Posters

These posters were done to practice attention to detail. I wanted each one to be as simple as possible but for people to still know whom each poster represents. The detail was crucial, considering that if it were not done correctly, the message would be lost, and the audience would not be able to interpret what was on each piece. To complete these posters, I sketched out each and then digitized them in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool. 

Patrick Nagel Series

Moonbeam City Series

Posters 1.jpg
Posters 2.jpg

Animation and Games Series


I am a self-taught artist with a cartoonist illustration style. I enjoy drawing original characters and canon characters from popular tv shows. My style reflects in my entire portfolio, and I would describe it as clean and bright. My process consists of brainstorming a concept and then drawing a quick sketch.
I then refine the images in Adobe Illustrator and create custom designs or simple vector graphics. I enjoy practicing traditional art skills; however, I prefer putting more time into digital art as it is the final result of any piece I make.

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