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Staying Mindful Magazine and 
Application Development

Staying Mindful was a four-month project where I chose to focus on the question of how might we address the link between mental and physical health problems and food insecurity? I firmly believe in psychological and physical health. Food is an essential staple we need as human beings to function daily and keep us going. It is a fundamental human right everyone deserves; however, not everyone has access to food. This question provoked me to dive deeper into how we as a society can work towards the United Nations Goal #3 of Health and Wellbeing.

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Staying Mindful Magazine

The magazine aspect of this project took dedication and research methods to find the most accurate and up-to-date information I could write copy from. As with all of my projects, I find it very important to combine writing and graphics and to have a healthy balance of both for the reader or user to remain engaged. For this magazine, I focused on the aspects of extensive desk and field research, page layout, graphic design, technical writing, organization and fact-checking. I also had the opportunity to speak with local people in Calgary about their thoughts on food insecurity and conduct an interview with Anna Johnson, who works with Fresh Routes, to learn more about food insecurity from a grassroots perspective. This resulted in a 50-page magazine entitled "Staying Mindful," which came from the thoughts of being open-minded and understanding other people's situations. If you want to read the magazine, please send me a message!

Mindful Life App Design Prototype

After conducting my research and compiling Staying Mindful, I felt I had a good amount of knowledge to test out an idea that would work toward helping people who were going through food insecurity. My idea was to create an application. For this process, I had three brainstorming sessions with classmates that enabled me to create a persona, Elora, who would use the app. The app would secure privacy while at the same time gaining necessary data from the user through questionnaires. It would then direct the user to popular resources, food banks, immediate help, and financial resources. The application took research on application privacy, storyboarding, UI design, UX design, usability and prototyping.

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