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Mount Royal University
Content Creation

I worked in two departments. Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) overseeing the design work for eight sub-departments. And Enrollment Services and Communications (ESC) leading the design and web development of 21 distinct departments on campus. I would reference the MRU brand guides, ensuring to incorporate them into my work while also testing out different types of styles that weren't as conventional. 


Poster Development

As a designer, the central aspect that I focused on with promotional marketing materials was to create posters and ominex graphics (television ads) that adhered to the MRU guidelines while also giving each design a   unique style. I succeeded in this by leading client meetings and suggesting new ideas to see how they were received. I then researched current design trends and looked up competitors to see what other universities were doing. By providing an in-depth design analysis, I was often able to go beyond traditional guidelines to create eye-catching designs that would fit the university's standards. All of my projects were done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign (for print), and Adobe Photoshop (for web) and used basic and complex graphic design skills such as shapes, spacing, typography, illustration and textures.

Graduate Fair Posters

Client: Office of Student Success

Poster Mock-Up Vol 1-8.jpg

Mental Health and Webinar Posters

Client: Wellness Center


Digital MAPS and HGS Mentorship Timelines - MRU Website

Client: Career Services


Digital Stay Safe on Campus GIFS - MyMRU

Client: Residence Services

Academic Advising Week

Academic Advising Week is an annual event hosted by Mount Royal University, allowing students to experience the different majors and minors programs offered by the university. 


My final decision was to go with a Tetris theme for two reasons. First, everyone knows Tetris, even if a student wasn't a gamer. The second was to reference the play on the words "Putting the Pieces Together." After creating a variety of iterations using graphic design principles and experimenting with an off-brand colour scheme, the communications department and student success departments ordered a variety of posters, omnivex graphics, social media graphics, banners and website assets for both MyMRU and the official MRU website for advertising purposes. The digital versions of this design received over 1500 clicks in the first week, making it the most engaging piece during the campaign's run and increased student traffic during the event, with students referencing the design as memorable around campus.

Sandwich Board Mockup.jpg
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