Staying Mindful - Food insecurity Research and Application Development


Staying Mindful was a four-month project where I focused on United Nations Goal 3 - Health and Well being. I decided that my project question would be How Might We address the link between health problems and food insecurity? I decided to focus on health and food since I have a passion for health care and wanted to extend my knowledge on issues not only in Canada but around the world regarding food insecurity. This project ended with me compiling all of my research into a magazine that I called Staying Mindful. Staying Mindful included articles about who has been most affected and why people become food insecure. I also had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a professional on the topic of food insecurity. The magazine portion of this project took extensive desk and field research, page layout, graphic design, technical writing, organization and fact-checking. 


My solution to food insecurity was to create an application. I had three brainstorming sessions with classmates for this process and created a persona, Elora, who would use the app. The app would secure privacy while at the same time gaining necessary data from the user through questionnaires. It would then direct the user to popular resources, food banks, immediate help, and financial resources. The application took much research to create the wireframes and implement UI, UX and usability design principles. 

Design background

Skills used: Graphic Design, Research, Visualization,

Technical Writing, Brand Development, User Interface, 

User Experince, Usability


Client: Academic


Timeline: Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

staying mindful magazine

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Mindful Life App design Development


Mindful Life Persona and Experience Map

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