Mental Health Material Data - Happiness Board


The purpose of the happiness board was to gain data on mental health from students on campus at MRU as a team. We created a large board and sectioned it off so students could use bingo stamps to express how they were feeling. Each colour represents an emotion that was listed on the legend. Students had the chance to write on sticky notes and paste them on the board to give their color a description. 


We were able to collect data such as students reasons for feeling sad or depressed during the exam season. Some students even provided mental health resources for others who were experiencing sadness or depression. Eventually, we had so much data we had to use the other side of the board to get more informationI was tasked with creating all the design materials as well as decorating and displaying the board on campus.

Design background

Skills used: Human-Centred Design,Research, Prototyping,

Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Visualization, Research


Client: Academic


Timeline: Nov - Dec 2018

Happiness board

Day 2.jpg

process video