MRU International Education Website Redesign

Together with my co-worker, we successfully collaborated on this project - I worked on the front-end visual design, while my co-worker worked on developing the website’s back-end. I was in charge of creating realistic mock-ups and icons that would then be transformed into the new international students’ website. 

We worked on the two main websites as well as two Google sites.


This large-scale project required many meetings, collaboration, and user testing. We also had to be mindful that the main design fit within the MRU style guide as determined by the university’s international education style guide.Our main goal was to create a website with simpler and more intuitive navigation.

Terms: MRU - Mount Royal University

Skills used: Web Design, User Testing , User Interface, Graphic Design

Client: Mount Royal University - International Education 

Date: April 2020

The Process

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