Mount royal university poster designs


I had the privilege of working with over 15 distinct departments to create print and digital designs while working as an Information Designer for Mount Royal University,


The posters presented below were for several clients, including Academic Success, Student, Wellness Services, Success, and Student Learning Services. Each poster had a digitized omnivex, which were shown on the school televisions as in-house advertising. The posters all needed to follow a strict style guide, including the traditional typography and MRU color scheme. The challenge with creating poster designs for the university was making them all unique while at the same time adhering to the style guide, ensuring that everything had a similar look. These projects took visual thinking, team meetings, and collaboration with the lead designer and editor in the ES Communications department. 

Design background

Skills used: Typography, Graphic Design, Design Thinking


Client: Mount Royal University - Various


DateDecember 2019 - April 2020

Academic posters


campus marketing

Poster 2.png

campus events and information posters

Poster 3.png

graduate fair posters

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