Character designs and illustrations


I am a self-taught artist with a cartoonist illustration style. I enjoy drawing original characters and cannon characters form popular tv shows. My own style reflects in my entire portfolio and I would describe it as clean and bright. My process consists of brainstorming a concept then drawing a quick sketch of it.


I then refine the images in Adobe Illustrator then either create custom designs or simple vector graphics. I do enjoy practicing traditional art skills; however, I prefer putting more time into digital art as it is the final result of any piece I make.

Design background

Skills used: Graphic Design, Visualization

Client: Personal


Timeline: Various

rockelle and roslin concepts


Patrick nagel style

Effie Patrick Nagel.png

american dad oc challenge

gigi design concept

DTIYS Gigi 3k.png

Claire and Roslin Design Concepts


master shake melting concept (ATHF)

Shake Insta.png

Pop art style - twitch gamer portrait

Design 2.png
Design 1.png