Katy is an Information Designer with a passion for graphic design, art, and research. She loves creating print materials such as posters, advertisements and anything informative to an audience. She enjoys using her artistic skills to make posters of her favorite tv shows, video games, and bands. Katy has worked with Mount Royal University as one of their main designers in the ES Communications department for over a year. During her time, she has learned how to design elements to help students engage and overcome issues they may be facing. Working at MRU has expanded her skill set and pushed her boundaries by working with new departments and learning more about how the services at MRU help students excel, such as Wellness. Katy also has a passion for animation and video game design and hopes to excel in her skills more in both of those areas.


Mount Royal University

Bachelor of Communications - Information Design (BCMM)

Sep 2016 - Apr 2021

Awards & Certifications

Mount Royal University 

Dean’s Honour Roll 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 

Jason Lang Scholarship 2018 

President’s Honour Roll 2017 


Skills Alberta

Graphic Design participant in Provincial Competition 2015 

Graphic Design participant in Provincial Competition 2016 


Ernest Manning High School

Intermediate Graphic Design Award 2015 

Advanced Graphic Design Award 2016 

Principal’s Award for Creativity and Leadership 2016 

EducationMatters Trades Related Career Pathways Student Award 2016 



2015 - Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS6 

No expiration 



2016 - Digital Media Dual Credit 

Credits Acquired - 2-D Design 1, 2-D Design 2, 2-D 

Design 3, Sketch & Draw Model, The Design Process 

No expiration 

Mentorship Program

Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program 

Mount Royal University 


Sep 2019 - Jun 2020 


During my time in the program I was a mentee who worked with a mentor who was a graduate of the information design program. My mentor was able to help me develop my interpersonal and design skills. I was able to form lasting relationships with professionals within the design community. 

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